The Colour of Money

The colour of money is a well known saying, so well known that it’s become the name of a book, a film and now a popular television game show. So where does this phrase originate? Well the colour of money has its roots in betting or gambling terms, the idea being ‘if you’re so sure then show me the colour of your money’. In other words if something is such a dead cert then would you bet on it.

Well as most of us are well aware nothing is ever a dead cert but you can certainly play the odds, whether it’s with sports betting, casinos, bingo or lottery each one of us probably plays the odds at least once a week and often show the colour of money in many forms be it online, by telephone or on the high street.

Sports betting and horse racing are probably the best known places you will hear of a dead cert, but as most of you know even when you show the colour of your money on a short favourite it’s still not guaranteed to win. Although we play the odds and hope we get lucky when showing the colour of our money.

For online casinos it’s just a case of is it worth it? When you see progressive slots jackpots being upwards of a million then you just have to think is it worth a few spins. Considering that the odds are better than winning the lottery, yes it probably is worth showing the colour of money.

Bingo fans will know that if you can hit those elusive jackpots then you really can end up quids in and the current trend for guaranteed jackpots makes that an even more appealing prospect. With so many online bingo sites offering both free money to trial the site or great deposits bonuses there are many incentives to show the colour of money.

They say the odds of winning the lottery are greater than the odds of being hit by lightening but of course someone has to win and if you want to see the colour of money to the tune of several million then lottery syndicates are a great way of improving the odds. Grab a few friends, draw up an agreement and get them to show the colour of money by forming your own lottery syndicate improving your chances of winning.

Whatever your tickle, horse racing, sports betting, the lottery, bingo or casinos you will find all the information you need within these pages. The Colour of Money aims to offer you help and advice on the chances worth taking and ones to be overlooked, winning formulas, reputable places to play online and much more. Take a look around the site for interesting news and articles about the colour of money, the book, the film, the game show and plenty of different formats to try and increase the odds of winning and increasing the denomination and colour of money!

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