Lottery Wheel

Lottery Wheel

A Lottery Wheel is a method of arranging lottery ticket numbers in a way that is said to drastically improve chances to win prizes on all levels of the lottery. Lottery wheels are designed for players who wish to play with a larger amount of numbers than the set required for a lottery ticket and are so called because of the method of wheeling the numbers around a mathematical circle to cover all possibilities.

Wheeling is a great method for syndicate groups as it requires lost of tickets to be purchased and as we all know Lottery syndicates are a great way of playing the lottery and improving your chances of a win big. If you're going to show any lottery the colour of your money then a syndicate using a lottery wheel might just be a great way of doing so.

The lottery wheel system

The lottery wheel system uses a mathematical formula to generate tables giving either full or partial coverage of all possible combinations, dependant on the number of tickets you are purchasing. By covering all the numbers this one isn't going for a big jackpot but trying to cover every alternative for the smaller tier prizes.

The idea is, if a lottery requires you to hit six numbers to win the jackpot, then you choose ten and wheel those numbers around a circle to cover all possible combinations. This is a partial wheel and even that would set you back over 2,000 lottery tickets. The idea is if four of your ten numbers in your wheel come out then you will not just win on one ticket but many, hitting many three number wins and lots, though slightly less four number wins, get five of the ten and you're hitting several five number prizes, four numbers prizes and three number prizes. These prizes soon mount up, covering your original stake.

One of the most famous lottery wheels was put together by a Polish-Irish businessman named Stefan Klincewiczv, he bought up almost every combination of numbers in the Irish Lottery, a massive 1,947,792.

This may seem a bit extreme but you can create a lottery wheel to suit your budget, you can have an amount of numbers you like in a lottery wheel, starting from seven if it's a six number lottery. So if you want to show the colour of your money on a lottery draw get together with a group of friends and create a lottery wheel.

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