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The Color of Money 1984 (book)

The Color of Money is a novel written by American author Walter Tevis, written in 1984 it continues the story of Edward Felson, otherwise known as "Fast Eddie" for his hustling abilities from the book, the Hustler from 1959 also penned by Walter Tevis. Very loosely translated into a well known movie of the same name it follows Fast Eddie's story as he descends back into the world of pool hustling.

Unlike the movie, the book starts with Fast Eddie - having now retired as a professional pool player at the end of The Hustler - owning and managing a pool hall. He does however miss the excitement of the game, the hustle and everything that goes with it and soon finds himself 'cue in hand' again ready to go on tour against another character from the book, Minnesota Fats.

The book follows Fast Eddie's journey, wins and defeats, personal and professional in the tournament and although he does lose to Minnesota Fats in the end, Fast Eddie does manage to regain some of his lost competitiveness and more importantly lost pride.

Hustler and Color of Money

Anyone who has not read 'The Hustler' or has only watched the movie may indeed wonder what the connection to Fats is as in the first book Fast Eddie is demoralised by Fats and quickly descends into a life of hustling. After being taught to hustle, win and lose by another hustler Bert Gordon, Fast Eddie learns that it's ok to lose, as long as you do so on your own terms.

Fans of the book might not have been to impressed with the 1986 movie 'The Color of Money' as it didn't actually stay true to the book and one of the main characters Minnesota Fats didn't really feature in the movie. He was instead replaced by the character Vincent.

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